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Wagar 5/8

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Parent Bulletin

Dear Parent(s),
I hope this email finds you and your families doing well and handling the quarantine.  These are unique times and I hope you all remain safe and secure during this lockdown period.
As a result of closing school for the remainder of the school year, the State of Michigan has required all public schools to develop a Continuity of Learning (COL) plan for the remainder of the school year.  Airport's COL plan has been developed, approved by the Monroe County Intermediate School District (MCISD), and submitted to the state.  This COL plan is available on our school website at .
The Airport COL plan was developed based on recommendations from the Michigan Department of Education, many professional associations, and input from many teachers.  We have been working hard to guidelines to carry out the COL plan for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year.  This plan is different from the optional educational enrichment opportunities that were taking place before our spring break.  Students should now be working to learn new material and achieve credit for the classes/grade level they are currently enrolled in.  Principals and teachers will be sharing specific procedures, assignments, and feedback to support students.  Principals and all administrators are prepared to support students and families in every way we can.  Below are some key points of the expectations moving forward for the students in all grades at Airport Schools.
  • Access to Buildings - No students should try to enter any of the school buildings.  Teachers are allowed to access the building only in coordination with the building principal.  Building principals should be contacted if there are personal materials that a student absolutely needs.  Access to buildings may be opened up only if the state restrictions are relaxed or lifted.
  • Grades - All students will be graded on a Pass/Fail (Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory) scale.  No letter grades will be assigned for final grades for classes or subjects.  No grades from the second semester of this school year will be factored into a student's overall grade point average.
  • EFFORT - EFFORT IS EVERYTHING!  If students want to achieve a Satisfactory grade, they have to be engaged with the teaching and assignments and complete work.  If a student does not put forth any effort, they may receive an Unsatisfactory and not receive credit.  The expectation is that every student has access to the work and will be in contact with the teacher the expected times.
  • Access to Learning-Teachers and building principals need to be notified if a family does not have access to assignments or contact from teachers.  We have the support in place to help with the internet, we have the ability to deliver paper/pencil materials, and school supplies if needed.  Access cannot be a reason a child does not receive or turn in work.  We have to and want to know how to help.
  • Daily Expectations - As you will see when you get the expectations from building principals and teachers, the time expectations when learning remotely are not the same as when a child is in school. The actual number of minutes that lessons occupy is smaller.  Students need to be engaged every day and work every day.  Teachers will be available for lessons and support every day.
  • Special Education - We have been and will continue to be communicating with our special education staff members and the Monroe County ISD regarding special education requirements, accomodations, and IEPs.  Special education students will continue to get support and we do have the ability to continue the IEP timelines as we move through the remainder of the school year.  Students that have additional adult support (Indepence Facilitators) can expect to have that same support over the internet or phone to help with assignments.
  • Social/Emotional Support - We understand these are tough times for a lot of us.  In addition, we are also here to support students that are struggling with the mental part of this quarantine.  We have staff members and resources available to help kids get through this tough time.  Please make sure your child's teacher is aware of a student that needs some extra support.
Our teachers and many of our students have already been doing some great things.  I am confident we will all make the best of this tough situation and make strides during the rest of this school year.  Please support and encourage your child to be engaged in his/her learning every day and remember, EFFORT is everything!  Please look forward to communication from principals and teachers as we move forward with learning.  Be safe and Go Jets!
John Krimmel, Superintendent
  Airport Community Schools
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